About Us

Auction Or Buy is an innovative site that allows consumers to purchase products, new or used, at greatly reduced prices. Auctions are always a fun way to buy goods and save money at the same time – and we make it more exciting. Browse our wide selection of products, make your selection and let the bidding begin. Shopping has never been more thrilling!

Our Offers

Auction Or Buy is a unique online auction marketplace that allows users from anywhere to put their items up for sale.  There are never any fees to bid, buy or sell, and you can find thousands of buyers for items you have around that you no longer need.

Our Goals

We strive to offer a platform for both buyers and sellers that is reliable and transparent.  All sellers are forced to adhere to our stringent requirements, which means buyers can go into an auction with confidence that they’ll get exactly what they see, or get their money back.

Our Service

We stand behind our platform and our auctions and are always here if you need assistance.  Questions prior to making a purchase or problems after the deal is complete – our customer service team will be here when you need them.

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